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Charter a wherry

Scheduled Day trip

You can charter a wherry for your own group

You may want to charter (i.e. hire) a wherry for your own private party (a group of friends or family or perhaps a company outing).

Day Charters

Day Charters

Many people choose to hire a wherry just for the day. Chartering will give you exclusive use of a magnificent wherry, along with an experienced skipper and crew. You can try your hand at raising the sail as well as just enjoying the experience of 'wherry time'. 

What exactly is a charter?

A charter means that you hire the wherry for the time of your choice (subject to availability) and it will be just for you and your private group (apart from our skipper and crew who are there to manage the wherry and the journey). 
The maximum number of passengers is 12


Accommodating up to twelve passengers, our historic boats provide a perfect way to get together with family or friends while enjoying peaceful sailing on the Norfolk Broads.


A day charter is the great way to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.


Charters also offer you some control over the itinerary (subject to weather conditions and tides), as well as an opportunity to try a little crewing yourself.

Day charters from Wroxham on our majestic Wherry Yachts are available at short notice, so do please enquire. 

Multi-Day Charters

Multi-Day Charters

A weekend (or longer!) on a wherry is time well spent!


Escape into the heart of the Norfolk Broads, venturing out further than you could in a single day.

An extended stay reduces time pressure and allows you to enjoy the Broads at 'wherry time' - where we switch off the engine and relax, allowing the wind to gently carry us along the beautiful waterways.

Staying on board at night on a multi-day trip adds even more to the a feeling of escape and freedom.


All of our wherries come with cosy and characterful cabins, a kitchen (galley), toilet facilities and, in the case of Ardea and White Moth, simple showers.


The wherries also include a refrigerator; often used for chilling evening drinks taken either up on deck or below in the spacious, traditional saloon.

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Any questions?

Email our friendly team to discuss your requirements

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