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Wherry yacht Hathor interior_D9A4308.jpg

'The Egyptian wherry'

From our Guestbook

"What a unique and beautiful boat!


It really is like going back in time and sailing on a bit of Egyptian history!"


Fact File:

Name: Hathor 

Length: 56 feet 

Weight: 23 tonnes

Type of Wherry: Pleasure Wherry 

Built by: Halls of Reedham

Launched: 1905

Maximum capacity for a day sail: 12

Suggested capacity if sleeping aboard: 6

Special features: Egyptian interior

Why sail on Hathor?

Hathor is our oldest wherry and perfect for lovers of history (in both Norfolk and Egypt!). 

Her lavish and stylish interior is extremely comfortable, with the star attraction being her beautiful ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and carvings.

Hathor is only available for a small number of charters, since she spends much of the season at How Hill and is available primarily for viewings and Scheduled Sailings. Hathor is the only one of our wherries not to have any back-up motor power.

Wherry yacht Hathor.jpg

Key features of Hathor

>  Lavish Egyptian themed interior 

>  Saloon with antique yacht piano 

>  Kitchen with fridge and gas hob/oven

>  Toilet



History of Hathor

Named after the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, music, dancing, fertility, and pleasure, Hathor was built in memory of Alan Colman, a young son of the famous Colman’s Mustard family. He contracted tuberculosis and his doctors suggested that the warm air of Egypt might help him.

His family chartered a dahabeah called Hathor to take him down the Nile, but he sadly died just after reaching Luxor.


This wherry was commissioned in his memory in 1904 by his heartbroken sisters and it contains a lavish Egyptian themed interior to commemorate Alan's final journey. 

Wherry yacht Hathor_D9A4159.jpg

Hathor Gallery

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Would you like to charter Hathor?

Please email our friendly team to discuss your requirements

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