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'The Lady'

From our Guestbook

"An unexpected 60th birthday cruise with friends and family.


Great day out in the sun with a picnic out on deck. 

A wonderful boat, happy and helpful crew."

Fact File:

Name: Norada
Length: 53ft
Weight: 15.4 tonnes
Type of Wherry: Wherry Yacht
Built by: Ernest Collins 
Launched: 1912
Maximum capacity for a day sail: 12
Suggested capacity if sleeping aboard: 8
Special notes: Norada has had both a beer and a pub named after her!

Why sail on Norada?

Built in 1912, smaller and more slender than the other Wherry Yachts, Norada is the only wherry with a boom - her sail is not 'loose-footed' as are all the others.

In the 1950s she was purchased by a man who had sailed on her for his honeymoon and he renamed her Lady Edith in tribute to his wife. 

We’re sure that you’ll also fall in love with her the minute you set sail!

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Key features of Norada

> Wooden boom (as opposed to loose-footed)

> Large saloon with a traditional five octave antique yacht piano 

> Galley with gas cooker 

> Toilet with basin


History of Norada

Named after a famous racing yacht, Norada was built by Ernest Collins in 1912 with a more slender hull compared to previous wherries. Collins designed Norada this way to enable the new craft to pass under the low bridges at both Ludham and Potter Heigham, following problems there with her sister wherry Olive. 

Norada became the first of the wherry yacht trio to be retired from the Collins' hire fleet when she completed her final season in 1950. However, unlike the other two wherries, Norada was able to avoid being a houseboat and was sold to Mr Andrew who had previously hired Norada for his honeymoon. When Norada came up for sale in the early 1950s, Mr Andrew seized the opportunity to purchase her and renamed her 'Lady Edith' after his wife. 

Barney Matthews then purchased Norada in 1964 for £1800 (the same price as a bungalow at the time) having previously worked for Ernest Collins as a skipper. Initially, Barney used Norada for private cruising until the early 70s when he began repairing the yacht. Norada didn't sail again until 1982, by which point she had been fitted with new cabin sides, decks, planking, frames and coach roof.

After starting to take charters again in 1984, Norada reverted to her original name as part of her 75th anniversary celebrations in 1987. Along with her sister vessels Norada was transferred to Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust in 2004. After a period of fundraising, Norada was hauled out in 2006 and saw extensive hull work and interior restoration before being relaunched in 2011. 

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Norada Gallery

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Would you like to charter Norada?

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