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Is it for you?

A trip on a traditional Norfolk wherry is something that everyone should do in their lifetime!


One of the most iconic experiences of the Norfolk Broads, it allows you to sail on a piece of living history in one of England's most beautiful National Parks.

To find out if it’s for you, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you...?


There is no finer way to celebrate a special occasion with friends, family or work colleagues than by hosting an elegant event on our wherries.  


Let us take care of your Broads experience while you just relax on deck and enjoy a beautiful and unique day out! 

The wherry yachts can be chartered for special occasions_D9A4201.jpg

A local or on holiday?

If you’re on holiday or planning a visit to Norfolk, a wherry trip is a ‘must do’ while you are in the area.  Whether you just want to spend a day on board or are planning a whole weekend away with friends or family, we will make your stay extra special. 
If you are a Norfolk resident we invite you to come and see the Broads from a very different perspective and find out more about the history of these local icons. Each wherry has a very different personality so if you've been on board before, try another one until you get to know them all! 

On holiday

Young or old?

Our youngest ever passenger to date was 3 months old and our oldest was 100 years old!


Our high safety standards ensure that people of all ages can experience the joy of wherry sailings, although these historic vessels do require a certain degree of mobility to access them and to go below decks.


Supervised children are very welcome on our yachts, although please be aware that there are no safety railings and no access for pushchairs or wheelchairs.   

Image by Anna Samoylova

A school or educational establishment? 

Education is a core aim as we raise awareness of wherries and their importance in local history and culture.


From schools activities to private talks and public viewings, we can cater to a range of audiences.


We help to provide youngster with hands-on ‘learning outside the classroom’ about the illustrious past of the wherries. 

Our education work is undertaken in conjunction with the education team at the How Hill Trust; a fascinating location that provides an ideal venue for school visits

An individual or
part of a group?

Wherries can accommodate up to 12 people on a day trip (the number of people on an overnight stay depends on which wherry is being chartered). 

We host a lot of multi-generational family groups who have fabulous days out together, spending quality time on board making memories.


If you want to get your own group together, you can charter a boat for a day, a few days or up to a week.


Alternatively, if you are on your own and fancy some company, you will always meet new friends on one of our regular scheduled day trips.


A keen sailor or a
deck relaxer?

Have a passion for sailing?  Our skippers and crew will encourage you to help to raise the sail and will share their knowledge on how to helm these giant beasts!


There are only eight traditional Norfolk Wherries left in existence. Wherry Yacht Charter has restored five of them, providing sailing enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to get to know these incredible boats.
Just want to sit back and relax?  


The slow pace of a wherry is the perfect way to escape life’s pressures and be at one with nature. On board you need to do nothing more taxing than enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst you watch the world go by!

A nature lover or birdwatcher?

When travelling on a wherry, always remember to bring your binoculars!


There’s no better way to spot local wildlife than gliding silently past a proud heron, or sharing the breeze with rare swallowtail butterflies; exclusively found on the Norfolk Broads.


Our skippers and crew will happily explain more about what you will see on the way. 

Screenshot 2021-08-16 at 17.41.51.png

A lover of history?

Our Edwardian wherries are over 100 years old and come with their own colourful stories to tell; one was used by the girls of a Parisienne madame as resting quarters and another was a legacy from the famous Colman family inspired by ancient Egypt.


Our old dame ‘Hathor’ was launched in 1905 and our newest pleasure wherry ‘Ardea’ was launched in 1927. Below deck there are still original artifacts, such as classical pianos or engraved bells.


You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back to the twenties and our volunteers and crew will share stories on board that really bring the history of each Wherry to life. 

A company?

What greater place to meet with clients and colleagues than the relaxing and inspirational setting of the Norfolk Broads?


Hold a business lunch or meeting in the traditional, spacious saloon, or wow your clients on deck while admiring the stunning views. 

Three WYs moored 2 Dawn Atter.JPG.JPG

Splashing out or saving up? 

Joining one of our regular scheduled sailings is the easiest way to sail on a budget.


Alternatively, for a millionaire feeling at an affordable cost, you can charter your own wherry and have your preferred boat to yourselves.


Let our experienced skipper and crew guide you through the beautiful waterways and make you feel like royalty when everyone turns their head in awe as your majestic wherry glides past. 

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