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Day charter raffle

Since 2013 we have run popular raffle draws with the prize of a day charter. We offer just 500 numbers in each draw at £1 each, giving you an excellent chance of winning, and when all are sold we simply open a new block of 500 entries for sale. The prize is a day charter for up to 12 passengers, to be taken on a day of your choice in the next sailing season (either weekday or weekend, but subject to boat and skipper availability as with any booking). So far our raffle draws have brought in £5,000 to support our work.

Raffle entries, in any quantity, can be purchased on board, at any of our events, via periodic reminders in the Gaff Line, or by contacting the Friends. We draw the winners at our Annual Dinner in September/October. We will never sell more than 500 entries per draw but we reserve the right to to close a raffle early and draw a winner from fewer than 500 entries (thus increasing each entrant's chance of winning).

Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust is the promoter of this raffle and is licensed by Broadland District Council, number BD/293.

Draw 2013/1: Mr Hodson, Ilfracombe, Devon. Ticket 310, drawn 28th September 2013 at the King's Head, Wroxham.

Draw 2014/1: Mr & Mrs Millman, Ely, Cambridgeshire. Ticket 307, drawn 20th September 2014 at Wroxham Barns restaurant, Tunstead.

Draw 2015/1: Richard Cox, Trowse, Norwich. Ticket 19, drawn 19th September 2015 at Wroxham Barns restaurant, Tunstead.

Draw 2015/2: Anna Green, Norwich. Ticket 382. Drawn as above.

Draw 2015/3: Katharine Parsons. Ticket 92. Drawn 17th September 2016 at Wroxham Barns restaurant, Tunstead.

Draw 2016/1: Janet Giles. Ticket 348. Drawn as above.

Draw 2016/2: Alan Stephens. Ticket 99. Drawn as above.

Draw 2017/1: Paul Avery, Herefordshire. Ticket 422. Drawn 16th September 2017 at Wroxham Barns restaurant, Tunstead.

Draw AT1 (2017): Keith Summers, Norfolk. Ticket 375. Drawn as above.

Draw RNS1 (2017): John Shave, Norfolk. Ticket 272. Drawn as above.

Wherry Yacht Charter is a registered charity (as Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust), number 1096073

WYC is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, RDPE, Geoffrey Watling Trust, Town Close Estate Charity and others.

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