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Caring for the Broads' last wherry fleet

Other surviving wherries

These are the only other wherries that can be seen on the Broads today, and are likely to remain so as no other remains exist in a suitable state for restoration. With just eight left in total, including our five, they truly are an endangered species - please help us to ensure no more are lost.

Note: these boats are not owned or maintained by Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust.

Wherry Albion


The Albion is the traditional wherry, and until the completion of Maud was the only trading wherry in sailing order. She is a classic wherry in form with the black sail that characterised the trading wherries, although she is the only one ever to have been carvel-built - her hull is made with planks that are flush at the seams. She is owned and maintained by the Norfolk Wherry Trust and has, as did many wherries in the past, a link with the Colmans: the Albion used to be a lighter for the mustard manufacturers. Find out more about Albion on the National Historic Ships Register and the Norfolk Wherry Trust home page.

Wherry Maud

© Evelyn Simak

Another true trading wherry, Maud must have been very striking during her working years due to her large size. She is now the second traditional trading wherry restored to her original specifications and perfect sailing order. This is because of the wonderful work done by Vincent and Linda Pargeter in saving Maud from her grave at the bottom of Ranworth Broad in 1981. The lengthy restoration gave the Broads a welcome addition to the visible presence of its heritage. More information on Maud's history can be found on the National Historic Ships Register, and in 2015 the Wherry Maud Trust was set up to secure her future.

Wherry Solace


One of the largest wherries sailing on the Broads, Pleasure Wherry Solace is lavishly fitted inside with many luxury items. For all of her secluded existence she has been privately owned, with the current owners being only the third family to do so. She is usually found moored in Wroxham Broad in the summer, but is still in sailing order and immaculate condition. More information on Solace can be found on the National Historic Ships Register, and more photos here.



Beam: 15ft

Gross tonnage: 22.78

Built: 1898, Oulton Broad


Length: 60ft

Beam: 16ft 6in

Built: 1899, Reedham


Length: 60ft

Beam: 16ft

Gross tonnage: 40.06

Built: 1903, Reedham

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